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AFIS Communication

Afis Communication and Plan B Health Travel Services is a registered trademark of Doruk Ltd. Afis Communication is a boutique agent specializing in "health communication and corporate publishing" in recent years. Afis Communication and Plan B Health Travel Services founded as London based is an international medical tourism agency and consulting company established in order to inform you about the most proper specialist at the right address according to your treatment needs. The majority of our customers are hospitals, medical centers, clinics and healthcare facilities. We serve our customers in a wide range of fields from content production in the area of health communication, to design services to preparation of press bulletins and campaign concepts.



• Health Communication
• Corporate Publishing Services
• Content Production Services
• Advertising and Design Services
• Brand and Marketing Services
• Digital Communication, Social Media, Web Services
• Event Management and PR
• Visual Communication Support and Production



• Acıbadem Health Group
• Acıbadem University
• Okan University Hostital
• Acıbadem Laboratory
• Florence Nightingale Groupe
• Modern Tıp
• LIV Hospital
• Dentram Dental Clinics
• Batıgöz Eye Clinics
• Plan B Healthcare
• Koç Health Group
• Memorial Health Group
• DİYABİZ Magazine



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AFIS Communication is a registered trademark of Doruk Ltd.
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